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'Moonlight' Round Mirror with Black Frame and LED Lighting

'Moonlight' Round Mirror with Black Frame and LED Lighting

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Moonlight Round Mirror with Black Frame and LED Lighting

Following the trends of contemporary style, we present our mirrors with a black frame - Moonlight. The refined, minimalist design of this mirror makes it a perfect fit for any interior, from modern apartments to classic residences. The black brushed aluminum not only gives this mirror an elegant appearance but also ensures durability and resistance to environmental conditions. As a result, you will enjoy its unique charm for many years to come. The 2.3 cm depth of the frame is the result of precision craftsmanship, adding subtle lightness to the mirror while providing a solid base for the entire structure. This mirror serves not only as a means of checking one's appearance but also becomes an important decorative element in any room. But that's not all. The most characteristic feature of this mirror is the sandblasted circular strip illuminated by LED lights. Thanks to this innovative solution, your reflection in the mirror will be perfectly illuminated, while the subtle LED light creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room, without the need for additional lighting.

Applications in Rooms

This mirror is not only a practical element of bathroom or bedroom equipment but also a design accent that adds character to any room. Its versatile application allows it to be used as both a bathroom mirror and a decorative element in the living room or hallway.
Discover the magic of light and style with our Moonlight round mirror with a black frame - choose quality and elegance that cannot be ignored.

Manufacturer's Code Moonlight Mirror
Dimensions 70x70, 80x80 cm
Light Color Neutral White
Frame Type Brushed Aluminum
Lighting Type LED
Power Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Waterproof Rating IP 44
Power Consumption 18W, 21W
Frame Depth 2.3 cm
Product Details

Data sheet

Edge machining
Grinding + polishing
Glass thickness
4 mm

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'Moonlight' Round Mirror with Black Frame and LED Lighting

'Moonlight' Round Mirror with Black Frame and LED Lighting

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