Custom-made clear glass

Custom-made clear glass


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Standard or Optiwhite custom-made clear glass

Didn't find the custom-made glass you're looking for? Read the description of our glass, choose the right grade, thickness, enter your own dimensions and order, and we will touch the glass to the dimension of your choice!

Glass Specifications:

  • Float glass thickness 4 - 12mm, Optiwhite 4 - 10mm
  • Optiwhite or Float glass grade of your choice
  • ESG tempered glass*
  • Glass pane without holes
  • Ground edges

*Glass with a diagonal of less than 32 cm is not tempered. Glass with a diagonal of 32 cm and larger are tempered.

Personalize your order

We also make additional cutouts and holes, print graphics on glass and much more! Check what additional modifications we can make for you. Add the selected service to the cart along with a custom-made panel, and we will perform the service according to your guidelines!

Szkło cięte na wymiar

Application of transparent glass to size:

  • Glass table top for a desk, secretary, dressing table, or rattan furniture, or an independent glass top
  • Glass in front of the fireplace
  • Glass for fireplace
  • For professionals looking for glass to make a wardrobe, showcase, aquarium, terrarium or paludarium

Różnica między szkłem Float a Optiwhite

What is the difference between float glass and optiwhite?

The optiwhite panel is distinguished by the fact that, unlike standard glass, it is devoid of a greenish tint, while providing even greater transparency compared to standard glass. Optiwhite glass is used primarily in rooms where pure white reigns. For walls with strong colors, the effect will be practically imperceptible.

Grubość szkła na wymiar

What thickness of glass to choose?

Choosing the right thickness is an individual matter, depending on the dimensions and the way in which the glass will be used. We have prepared a set of several questions, on the basis of which, after reading the answers given under them, you will probably choose the right glass thickness for you.

What is the purpose of the glass you need?

The most important factor influencing the choice of the right thickness of glass is its purpose. Here are some suggestions, most often searched for by our customers:

Glass table top

If the glass is to be a cover for a desk, tabletop, rattan furniture or other surface, a thickness of 4 - 6 mm will be suitable. If the glass is to be an independent table top and its support points are located at the edges, the absolute minimum is 6 mm, but this issue depends on the surface of the glass. Most often it is a thickness of 8 or 10 mm, but sometimes it is also necessary to buy the thickest variant of glass. In case of doubt, please contact us.

Glass in front of or under the fireplace

In front of the fireplace, the appropriate thickness of glass will be 6 mm, and under the fireplace 8 mm.

Glass shelves

Check the offer of our glass holders and choose the thickness of the shelf to the selected set, and in case of doubt, please contact us.

custom glass panel

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Custom-made clear glass

Custom-made clear glass

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