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Black tinted glass for 10mm table top

Black tinted glass for 10mm table top

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Black glass for worktop 10 mm

  • Antisol tempered glass
  • Thickness 10 mm
  • Dimensions to choose from the list
  • Black

Desks with glass covers have recently gained popularity. No wonder. The glass desk top fits perfectly with furniture in modern and industrial styles, and is also an ideal protection for the equipment. The glass from which we make such covers is tempered, due to which it has increased resistance to damage and scratches. The table top in this form also forgives accidental splashing of coffee or other dirt typical of office work. Removing dirt from it is very simple and convenient.

Longer furniture life

A glass cover is a good idea if you want to cover a beautiful desk, secretary, table or dressing table. In addition to the protective function, the undeniable advantage of this solution is the aesthetic value.


  • desk
  • bench
  • table
  • dressing table
  • Secretary
  • worktop in the kitchen
  • rattan furniture

If you have not found the size you need, go to the form by pressing the "Order custom size" button.

Tinted glass in Antisol mass

Unlike varnished glass, tinted glass in mass does not have a layer with color on the back of the glass, and are made of transparent glass, dyed in mass. Antisol is filled with color on its entire surface and still remains transparent (the thicker the glass, the lower the transparency).

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Black tinted glass for 10mm table top

Black tinted glass for 10mm table top

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