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Glass writing board with its own pattern with mounting holes

Glass writing board with its own pattern with mounting holes


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Glass writing board with its own pattern with mounting holes

The board is made of durable and easy-to-clean tempered glass. You do not need special markers or cloths to write on it. You can write on it even with a permanent marker - you will wash it off using the most ordinary glass liquid and a cloth or paper towel.


We print any pattern on any background. It can be transparent, and also have any color or illustration. It is important that the graphics are properly prepared for this. 


Each of us has different needs. Patterns may vary depending on the characteristics of your occupation. Although the first association of people using boards, facilitating the introduction of lines and text are engineers, analysts or teachers of mathematics - in short, people with strict minds, nothing prevents a person with humanistic or artistic characteristics of work from sending us their own project. In addition to charts and tables, we can also print a table that helps Polish language teachers discuss the characteristics of the hero of school reading, or authors of books of complex personalities of characters appearing in their literary work, in accordance with the expectations of the modern reader.

Send us your files

Below we have prepared a list of guidelines required by the printing house making prints for us. Remember that if you do not have such files and you can not prepare them yourself, you can commission us to do so. Below we have also prepared an instruction on what to do in this case.

What files are suitable for printing?

  • Vector form

Each element of your graphics should be in vector form.

  • 300 DPI resolution

The images will be viewed up close. So let's send us a file with a resolution of 300 DPI.

  • Margin

The image should have an additional margin of 1 mm on each side, i.e. an additional 2 mm in width and 2 mm in length.

  • Image dimensions

Dimensions 1:1, that is, it is necessary to adopt the principle that 1 cm in fact corresponds to one centimeter in the graphic.

For example, I need a panel measuring 50x100 cm. Adding 2 mm in width and 2 mm in length, I have 50.2 cm x 100.2 cm.

With a resolution of 300 DPI, the image dimension is 5929 x 11835 px.

  • Background

If you want the board to have a colored background, you do not need to mark anything additionally. If the background is to be transparent, please highlight it with some distinctive, bright color and describe the details in the message.

  • File format

Files in .pdf and .ai format are accepted by our printing house.

Where to send files for printing?

After making your purchase, please send us an e-mail to In the title, please include the order number made in the online store.

What if I can't prepare files for printing?

In this situation, there are two possibilities. Such files can be prepared for you by any professional graphic designer, and we can also take care of it for you. Each project requires an individual valuation. If you want us to make such a printable pattern for you, write to us at the e-mail address provided above or click the "Order a non-standard size" button and fill out the form available on the subpage of our website.

Types of assembly:

zestaw-dystansow-2.jpg zestaw-dystansow.jpg uchwyt-do-szkla.jpeg
 Glass installation with a distance from the wall 15x25 mm  Glass installation with a distance from the wall 19x19 mm To hang on the handles
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Glass writing board with its own pattern with mounting holes

Glass writing board with its own pattern with mounting holes

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