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Decorative chamfering of mirror edges

Chamfering the edges of the mirrors means their decorative beveling at a gentle angle. The surface of the phase is polished, which allows you to achieve an attractive visual effect, suitable for any type of interior. The beveled mirror can be embedded in the frame, and at the same time allows you to get a decorative mirror that does not need a luminaire. Beveled mirrors without frames are a very popular decorative element, especially in modern and minimalist spaces.


  • Chamfering the edges of the selected mirror to size
  • Standard phase width: 20 mm

Application of a chamfered mirror

In addition to the previously mentioned visual aspects, the chamfered mirror will be especially appreciated by people who have already had contact with the formation of the fungus and the accumulation of dirt in the crevices. The thinner edges of the glass make the mirror adhere tighter to the wall, which avoids the accumulation of additional bacteria in the space with difficult access.

Fazowanie luster na wymiar

Other applications of chamfer mirrors

  • Cabinets
  • Furniture fronts
  • Wall decorations without the use of a frame

Advantages of chamfering mirror edges

  • Attractive visual effect
  • Tasteful decorative element
  • Possibility of gluing a mirror without a frame
  • Additional tightness, preventing the accumulation of dirt in the space between the wall and the mirror

Szkło fazowane na wymiar do łazienki

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