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Rectangular notch on the edge

Rectangular notch on the edge


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Rectangular notch on the edge of the glass

You already know the dimensions of the glass that you will mount, but in the place where the glass will be located, something prevents it from being put on? Attach a drawing with the dimensions marked, add to the basket as many cutouts as you need, and we will make them on the ordered glass to size!

Remark! Glass that has already undergone the tempering process is not suitable for further processing, which is why we do not perform this type of modification on standard products.

Add the modification to the cart along with the custom-made product and order cut glass according to your guidelines!


  • One piece = one notch of any dimension
  • Rounded corners of the notch (this is a requirement for fortitude)
  • Notch anywhere on the edge of the glass, indicated by the customer


Additional cuts in glass and mirrors are most often used in kitchens and in bathrooms, where the presence of a tap, sink or cabinet requires additional modifications, without which installation may be impossible.

Szkło z grafiką z wycięciem na krawędzi

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Rectangular notch on the edge

Rectangular notch on the edge

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