Customized bathroom panel

Customized bathroom panel


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Custom glass panel with graphics for bathroom

Custom glass panels for bathrooms are a solution that is gaining popularity, thanks to which we can decorate the walls of the bathroom in a quick and extremely elegant way, replacing traditional tiles with striking printed glass. Glass is easy to keep clean and is resistant to moisture, which protects against the ingress of dirt and the formation of fungus. A huge advantage, however, is the visual aspect. Thanks to the production of glass and the printing of the image to order, there are almost no limits to the personalization of the finishing element of the bathroom.

  • Material: Optiwhite tempered glass.
  • Thickness: 4 mm, 5 mm or even 6 mm
  • Type of printing: UV printing resistant to aging.
  • Graphics: Your own graphics sent by email to or one of the ready-made designs
  • Dimensions: custom height and width

Szklany panel w łazience

Modern glass panels in bathroom design

Graphics on glass in the bathroom can completely change the face of a room associated mainly with personal hygiene. The motif of a beach or a skyscraper will enrich the visual experience in modern spaces. Images of nature, such as a waterfall or plants will allow you to create a ZEN atmosphere in your dream relaxation area, and fantasy motifs or favorite cartoon friends will help turn the fear of taking a bath into an exciting adventure!

Advantages of glass panels in the bathroom

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Possibility to print any printable graphics


  • In a shower stall
  • Over the bathtub
  • Over the sink
  • On the door

Szkło z grafiką do łazienki na wymiar

How do we print?

We print on glass with a special UV printing technology, which allows for high resistance to weather conditions, it is even suitable for use outdoors as advertising prints on buildings, which guarantees resistance to aging and sunlight (does not fade) combined with the material of glass, makes our product durable for years.

  • Heat resistant.
  • The highest resolution of large-format printing available on the market allows us to reproduce the smallest detail.
  • UV print resistant to fading.

We treat each order individually - before printing panels with your own graphics or to a different size, we always send the project for approval. Graphic design FREE.

Your own graphics or ready-made patterns

Send us your own photo for printing to or choose one of the ready-made designs! If you decide to choose your own graphics, enter "custom graphics" in the required field "Selected design".

Not enough?

Are you interested in a ready-made theme, but haven't found one that appeals to you? Choose an image from the Adobe Stock image library and give us its number in the message, and we will print the image of your choice for you! 

Panele szklane do łazienki

Grafika do łazienki

wzory kamieni do łazienki

Wysokie budynki - panele szklane do łazienki na wymiar

Panele szklane do łazienki

Panel szklany do łazienki z motywem roślin

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Edge machining
Glass thickness
4 mm

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Customized bathroom panel

Customized bathroom panel

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