Silicone glass adhesive Lakma 300 ml

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Silicone glass adhesive Lakma 300 ml

100% solvent-free colorless adhesive – sealant with neutral curing system. Dedicated for fixing and gluing mirrors and glass mosaic. Consistency and color allow it to be used also to seal the edges of mirrors. Excellent adhesion to most materials and substrates found in construction: glass, raw and varnished wood, glaze, brick, concrete, aerated concrete, cement mortars, glass laminates, metals and some plastics.


It is designed for gluing mirror mosaics, e.g. in shower cabins (mirror -mirror gluing) and for direct fixing of decorative mirrors on various substrates: glaze, glass, plaster, concrete, OSB boards, in metal, wooden or plastic frames, fixing mirrors on substrates exposed to vibration and stress, grouting mirror edges and fixing glass elements.


The surface on which silicone is to be applied should be clean, free from dust, dust, grease, grease, rust and other substances that weaken adhesion. Surfaces on which the mirror will be glued (e.g. glass, glazed surfaces, wood) should be degreased with alcohol, extraction gasoline or other solvent. Rusty steel surfaces should be cleaned with a wire brush, and oxidized metals (e.g. copper, lead) should be sandblasted and protected against corrosion.


Before applying silicone, the edges should be secured with masking tape. Cut the tip of the cartouche leaving part of the thread. The product should be applied in parallel, vertical strands to allow evaporation of silicone curing by-products. Due to the variety of materials available on the market ( types of mirrors, types of varnished glass) and types of substrates, LAKMA recommends that a compatibility and adhesion test be carried out on a small section for all surfaces glued together before starting work. Until the silicone has hardened, do not seal the edges of the mirror. Depending on the size and weight, the mirror should remain supported from 6 to 72 hours after sticking.

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