Graphite Magnetic Board Tempered Glass Writing Board

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Graphite Magnetic Board Tempered Glass Writing Board

Colorful boards for writing our production stand out from the competition with color reproduction. These boards are made of tempered glass, having increased scratch resistance.

  • Glass thickness 6 mm
  • ESG tempered glass
  • Lacquer 7024 graphite
  • Mounting to choose from the list
  • Dimension to choose from the list
  • Magnetic properties
  • Dry-erase board
  • Possibility to remove any dirt with the help of glass cleaner

The back of the board is made of uniform ferromagnetic galvanized sheet, which gives the array magnetic properties.

Remark! We recommend using only strong neodymium magnets for glass magnetic boards.

Why a glass writing board?

Unlike ordinary boards, you can write on it with any marker without fear of destroying it. The print or varnish is located on the back, behind the sheet of clear glass. It is also very easy to clean. Traces that are more difficult to wipe off can be easily removed with the help of window cleaner and a paper towel.

An additional advantage of this type of boards is glass itself, adding attractiveness to the rooms in which they are hung.

The use of glass writing boards:

  • In the children's room
  • In the kitchen
  • At home
  • In the office
  • In the conference room
  • At school

Do you need a board in a different color? We carry out orders for varnished glass for every color available in the RAL palette. Go to the product Set up your board and enter the color in the appropriate place.

Need a different dimension? Press the "Order custom size" button and describe your requirements to us.

Types of assembly:

klej-do-szkla.jpg zestaw-dystansow.jpg uchwyt-do-szkla.jpeg
Glass assembly without holes on the glue Installation of glass with a distance from the wall To hang on the handles
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