Custom-made magnetic board

Custom-made magnetic board


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Glass magnetic board for writing to size

Glass writing boards are increasingly becoming a decorative and functional element of equipment in offices, classrooms, in the kitchen or even in children's rooms. They are made of tempered glass with high resistance to damage and scratches. The advantage of glass as a writing surface is the ability to write on it with any marker without the risk of leaving permanent dirt. Like the glass, you will wash the board with the same liquid and a paper towel. In addition, glass is a vital material, which means that with proper use you will enjoy its visual aspects for the next few years.

See also non-magnetic glass boards with additional personalization options!

Writing board specification

  • Material: ESG tempered glass
  • Glass thickness: 4 - 8mm
  • Glass type: lacquered or with graphics
  • Mounting type: selectable
  • Magnetic board

Remark! To purchase mounts in the set, check the option "Include mounting set". Failure to select this option means ordering glass with holes without a set of fasteners. When selecting a board without holes or to hang on the handles, do not select this option.

The back of the board is made of uniform ferromagnetic galvanized sheet, which gives the array magnetic properties.

Remark! We recommend using only strong neodymium magnets for glass magnetic boards.

RAL colors glass tables

Glass magnetic board with graphics - choose your own design

Do you often draw charts or tables to make a presentation? If you draw, for example, vertical and horizontal lines every time, a glass board with your own graphics will save you a lot of time, and it will always be made perfectly. On the writing boards we print not only lines, but also any patterns and graphics that we will receive in the attachment to the order! If you've ever had the thought "it would be good to always have it on the board" crossed your mind, a glass writing board with your own graphics is the answer!

Choose the thickness and type of glass, the method of assembly, and after purchase, send us your project by e-mail:

Parameters of files for printing

To make the print on the whiteboard expressive, take care of the high quality of the file. Here are a few parameters, after which the printout will certainly look phenomenal:

Image dimensions and resolution

The higher the resolution and dimensions of the image, the better the print will look on a large area of glass. If you have doubts whether a given image is suitable for printing, please contact us and we will certainly help.

Ready-made patterns to choose from!

Don't have your own design? Set the option "Glass type: with graphics" and choose one of the ready-made patterns, such as: grid, world map, plan of the week, pitch or wood motif!


  • In the conference room
  • In the office
  • In the children's room
  • In the kitchen
  • At school
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Custom-made magnetic board

Custom-made magnetic board

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