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Oval Mirror Spectra 3 with LED Lighting

Oval Mirror Spectra 3 with LED Lighting

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Oval Mirror Spectra 3 with LED Lighting

Experience daily comfort and elegance with our modern Spectra mirror illuminated by LED. The oval shape of the mirror and the LED strip around the perimeter not only add a unique charm to your bathroom or hallway but also create subtle and relaxing light accents throughout the room.
With the touch switch on the mirror panel, using our product is incredibly easy and intuitive. Simply touch, and the LED light will brighten your surroundings, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.
The exclusive quality of our Spectra mirror ensures not only exceptional design but also durability and safety. Thanks to the LED diodes, our mirror is not only energy-efficient but also exceptionally durable.

Applications in Rooms

Our oval LED mirror model is a perfect addition to any modern bathroom or hallway. With its elegant design and innovative LED lighting, this mirror not only fulfills its basic function but also serves as a decorative element of the interior. The LED-lit perimeter not only adds depth to the room but also creates subtle and relaxing light accents around the mirror. The touch switch located on the mirror panel ensures easy operation, making using the mirror enjoyable and intuitive. Thanks to the durable materials, our mirror is not only aesthetic but also functional and safe to use. Offering not only practicality but also style and elegance, it is an ideal solution for those who want to emphasize the unique character of their interior.

Manufacturer's Marking Spectra Mirror
Dimensions 100x50, 60x80 cm
Thickness of the Glass 4 mm
Equipment Switch
Type of Lighting LED
Power Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption 23W, 21W
Light Color Neutral White 4000K
Waterproof Class IP 44
Product Details

Data sheet

Edge machining
Grinding + polishing
Glass thickness
4 mm

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Oval Mirror Spectra 3 with LED Lighting

Oval Mirror Spectra 3 with LED Lighting

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