Kit for mounting glass panels without holes + instruction

Kit for mounting glass panels without holes + instruction

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Glass panel mounting kit without holes

The set includes:

  • Gun for recommended Lakma glue
  • Ergonomic handle for safe glass handling
  • 16 pcs. spacers with a distance range of 1 to 4 mm

Professional suction cup by Bauhaus

The suction cup is designed to move objects with a flat and smooth surface. It has an ergonomic handle that will make it easier for you to carry the glass carefully. This suction cup is recommended by us when installing kitchen panels or other such works due to the reliability of workmanship. It has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 100 kg, which ensures that even glass with a larger surface area will not detach during handling. The handle does not leave traces in the places of suction - no risk of damage to the panel.


The set consists of a total of sixteen pieces of spacers with a thickness range from 1 to 4 mm.

  • white 1 mm - 4 pieces
  • blue 2 mm - 4 pieces
  • red 3 mm - 4 pieces
  • yellow 4 mm - 4 pieces

During the assembly, you will decide which distance will be the best. You will use the right set for this. With the use of spacers, you will properly level the glass and maintain an appropriate distance from the tabletop, avoiding excessive stress.

Glue squeezer

High-quality squeezing into adhesives, silicones, acrylics. The trigger and piston are made of steel, while the handle and tube are made of aluminum.

As a glass factory with many years of experience, we recommend the use of Lakma glue when assembling glass panels without holes.

Remark! Glue is not included. It is available for purchase separately.

Instruction in Polish for free!

By ordering a kit for assembly from this auction you will receive assembly instructions for free! This instruction is a concise description, from which you will learn how to independently mount glass panels without holes with graphics or varnish. This process is divided into three steps, which all you need to do is a set of tools that you can buy at our auctions.

With this guide you will not get lost

We know the pain when you order a product, and the assembly instructions might as well be written in a foreign language. The description prepared the practitioner, professionally active for many years. Therefore, you will not waste time on extensive descriptions from which nothing emerges, and you will be provided with a dose of condensed knowledge, with which the risk of error will be minimized.

We are here for you

Do you have glass and the necessary tools and have read the instructions, but still have doubts? We will answer all your questions.


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Kit for mounting glass panels without holes + instruction

Kit for mounting glass panels without holes + instruction

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