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Glass panel with custom-made graphics

Glass panel with custom-made graphics


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Delivery within 21-30 days
Delivery within 21-30 days


Custom-made glass panel for durable UV printing

Glass panels with graphics are a decorative element that fits perfectly into the kitchen and bathroom. They will not only give the room an incredible visual effect, but also express you.

If you do not have your own graphics, check the ready-made patterns selected by us, cataloged thematically in the Category Panels with graphics.


  • Material: Optiwhite tempered glass.
  • Thickness - 4 mm.
  • Print Type: Aging-resistant UV printing.
  • Graphics: Own graphics sent in the "Your photo" field or to the office e-mail. @gmail.comirwar
  • Dimensions to choose from the list
  • Installation of your choice: on double-sided tape or silicone, at distances or directly to the wall

Remark! To purchase mounts in the set, check the option "Include mounting set".

Panel szklany z otworami na gniazdka

Cutouts and holes in glass

We also make additional cutouts and holes, print graphics on glass and much more! Check what additional modifications we can make for you. Add the selected service to the cart along with a custom-made panel, and we will perform the service according to your guidelines!

Druk UV na szkle hartowanym

How do we print?

We make prints on glass in a special UV printing technology, which allows you to obtain high resistance to weather conditions, it is even suitable for outdoor use as advertising prints on buildings, which guarantees resistance to aging and sunlight (does not fade) in combination with the material, which is glass, makes our product durable for years.

  • Resistant to high temperature.
  • The highest large-format print resolution available on the market allows you to reproduce the smallest detail.
  • Impact resistant tempered glass.
  • UV print resistant to fading.

We treat each order individually – before printing panels with our own graphics or to another dimension, we always send the project for approval. (number of changes in the project any) - graphic design FREE

Panel szklany z grafiką UV na wymiar

Horizontally or vertically?

Our panels can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. If you have a very wide photo from which you want to print only a part, send us a message by e-mail to the address We will prepare the project for free.

Where do I look for photos for printing?

In order for a large print to be clear, the photo must be of adequate quality.

You can find a database of high-quality photos on the website, where you can legally purchase a license to use them.

You can also search for high-resolution photos for free on CC0 licensed photo services, such as

You can also send us your own photo. If you are not sure whether it is suitable for printing on glass in your size, please send us an e-mail inquiry to the address with the graphic in the attachment.

For advanced

If you are familiar with concepts such as cropping, DPI, "lossless scaling" or you know someone who uses graphics programs with a dark background on a daily basis and will do it for you, you can send us a ready-made image. Ideally, the image will have the actual dimensions of the glass with a margin of 2 mm in width and 2 mm in length.

For example, I need a panel measuring 50x100 cm. Adding 2 mm in width and 2 mm in length, I have 50.2 cm x 100.2 cm.

With a resolution of 300 DPI, the image dimension is 5929 x 11835 px.

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Glass panel with custom-made graphics

Glass panel with custom-made graphics

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