Antisol glass panel dyed to size

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Antisol glass panel dyed to size

The name Antisol comes from the sunscreen properties of glass dyed in mass. Unlike varnished glass, the glass does not have a layer with color, but is a tinted, transparent glass (the thicker the glass, the less transparent). Its basic use is spaces with excessive sunlight, but with progress it has gained an additional purpose. as a glass panel for the kitchen.

Glass Specifications:

  • Bronze and graphite glass thickness: 4 - 8 mm; 4 and 8 mm thick are available in black
  • ESG tempered glass
  • Color: Black, Graphite or Brown
  • Holes in the glass (glass without holes can be found in the category of custom-made glass)
  • Ground edges
  • Clear glass, colored; the thicker the glass, the less transparency

*Glass with a diagonal of less than 32 cm is not tempered. Glass with a diagonal of 32 cm and larger are tempered.

Szkło barwione w masie antisol brązowy na wymiar

Holes in the glass matched to the mounting set

As a standard, we drill holes at a distance of 3 x 3 cm from the edge, but we also make a non-standard hole spacing. All you have to do is enter the distance from the edge that interests you in the comment to the order. Remark! To fulfill the order of a panel with a non-standard spacing of holes, it may be necessary to send a drawing.

Attachments to choose from

  • Mounting kit directly to the wall, finish: chrome
  • Distances 15x25 mm (distance from the wall x diameter), finish: satin
  • Distances 19x19 mm (distance from the wall x diameter), finish: satin

Mounting kits for glass

Additional notch on the edge or inside the glass

We also make additional cutouts and holes, print graphics on glass and much more! Check what additional services we can do for you. Add the selected service to the cart along with a custom-made panel, and we will perform the service according to your guidelines!


  • Tinted glass for doors or wardrobes
  • Glass panel
  • Showers
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