Oval Sparkle mirror with black frame and LED lighting

Oval Sparkle mirror with black frame and LED lighting

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Oval Sparkle Mirror with Black Aluminum Frame and LED Lighting

The Sparkle Mirror is an elegant and modern solution for your bathroom or living room. Its black frame made of brushed aluminum adds a stylish look and fits many types of interiors. The frame has a depth of 4 cm, which adds a three-dimensional effect to the mirror. One of the most important elements of the mirror are the LED lights that illuminate the sandblasted strip around the perimeter of the frame. Thanks to this, the mirror becomes a source of warm, pleasant light that enlivens the entire room and adds a unique charm. LED lighting is very durable and safe, making the mirror not only beautiful but also functional. It will help in everyday grooming activities such as applying makeup or styling hair. The mirror is also easy to clean, so it will maintain its beauty for a long time.

Application in rooms

The Sparkle Mirror is a beautiful and elegant decorative element that is perfect for the bathroom, hallway or other rooms where you want to create a unique atmosphere. Its modern design and LED lighting add elegance and radiance to the interior. Thanks to its oval shape, it can be perfectly matched to equipment with flowing shapes. The black frame will be perfect in loft and minimalist interiors, and will also contrast perfectly in bright arrangements. The installed LED lighting is energy-efficient, so it will last for a long time.

Manufacturer's designation Mirror Sparkle
Dimensions 40x80 cm, 50x100 cm
Thickness of glass 3 mm
Hanging option Vertical
Type of lighting LED
Power supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Depth 40 mm
Light color neutral white 4000K
Degree of protection IP 54
Product Details

Data sheet

Edge machining
Grinding + polishing
Glass thickness

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Oval Sparkle mirror with black frame and LED lighting

Oval Sparkle mirror with black frame and LED lighting

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