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Timer Mirror with Rounded Corners and LED Lighting

Timer Mirror with Rounded Corners and LED Lighting

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Timer Mirror with Rounded Corners and LED Lighting

Here is the Timer Mirror - more than just a regular glass panel. It's a wonderful combination of functionality, elegance, and modern design that will make your space even more unique and practical. The Timer Mirror stands out not only for its aesthetic appearance but also for a range of innovative features that will make you love every centimeter of it. Starting with the design, the Timer Mirror features a rectangular shape with gently rounded corners, giving it subtlety and elegance. The dimensions of 80x60 cm make it an ideal size for many spaces, from the bathroom to the bedroom or hallway. But it's not just its appearance that makes it exceptional. The Timer Mirror is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, which not only perfectly illuminates your space but also ensures long-lasting light, allowing you to enjoy its bright glow for many years. Additionally, thanks to the absence of sconces and fluorescent lamps, maintaining the cleanliness of this mirror is extremely easy. The mirror also has a built-in electronic clock, which not only ensures that you always keep track of time but also makes your morning preparations more organized and efficient. Now you can track the time during your daily grooming rituals without reaching for your phone or watch.

Application in Rooms

This is not just a mirror for the bathroom - it's a versatile element of decoration that will work in many rooms. From the bathroom, through the hallway, bedroom, to the living room or wardrobe - its versatility and stylish design will surely attract attention and add character to any space. Hang it above the sink for perfect functionality during your morning routine, in the hallway for a quick check of your appearance before leaving, or in the bedroom for optical enlargement of the space and adding incredible charm. The Timer Mirror is not just a mirror - it's an element that will emphasize the style of your interior and make daily activities even more enjoyable.

Manufacturer's Marking Timer Mirror
Dimensions 80x60 cm
Shape Rectangular
Thickness of the Panel 4 mm
Hanging Option Horizontal
Type of Lighting LED
Power Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption 16 W
Light Color Neutral White 4000K
Waterproof Class IP 55
Equipment Switch, Electronic Clock
Product Details

Data sheet

Edge machining
Grinding + polishing
Glass thickness
4 mm

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Timer Mirror with Rounded Corners and LED Lighting

Timer Mirror with Rounded Corners and LED Lighting

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