Rectangular Cinema Mirror with LED Lighting

Rectangular Cinema Mirror with LED Lighting

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Rectangular Cinema Mirror with LED Lighting

This mirror is not only a practical bathroom accessory but can also serve as an interesting decoration and decorative element in any room. The Cinema Mirror combines functionality with aesthetics, making it a perfect blend of practicality and elegant appearance. The rectangular mirror panel features polished edges, adding elegance and style. All components are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity of the product. One of the standout features of the Cinema Mirror is the LED backlighting, which illuminates square sections on the mirror's surface. This lighting not only enhances its practicality but also serves as an intriguing decorative element, giving your interior a unique character. The touch-sensitive switch placed on the mirror panel makes it easy and convenient to operate, and cleaning the surface is effortless. Additionally, the mirror has an IP44 waterproof rating, protecting it from moisture and dust.

Applications in Rooms

Thanks to its modern appearance and LED backlighting, the Cinema Mirror is perfect for use in bathrooms. The LED lighting not only serves for reflection but also acts as an interesting decoration and a source of light. The LED backlighting can also be used as makeup or shaving lighting, making the mirror even more practical. The mirror can also be used in hallways, bedrooms, or dressing rooms, where it can serve as both a practical fixture and an attractive decoration. The polished edges of the mirror add an elegant touch to any room, while the LED lights provide pleasant and ambient illumination. Depending on individual needs and preferences, the Cinema Mirror can be used in various places and in different ways, but it will always remain a practical and stylish interior accessory.

Manufacturer's Label Cinema Mirror
Dimensions 60x90 cm
Thickness of the Mirror Panel 4 mm
Equipment Touch Switch
Lighting Type LED
Power Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption 31 W
Light Color Neutral White 4000K
Waterproof Rating IP 44
Product Details

Data sheet

Edge machining
Grinding + polishing
Glass thickness
4 mm

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Rectangular Cinema Mirror with LED Lighting

Rectangular Cinema Mirror with LED Lighting

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