Custom-painted panel

Custom-painted panel


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Configure your varnish panel

Lacquered glass panels made of tempered glass are a protective and aesthetic addition to the décor of your kitchen. It protects the wall against splashing and temperature, and therefore prevents the growth of bacteria leading to the formation of a fungus. A panel varnished in the selected color will become the perfect complement to the colors prevailing in your kitchen room.

Glass Specifications

  • Glass thickness 4 - 8 mm
  • ESG tempered glass
  • Holes in the glass (glass without holes can be found in the category of custom-made glass)
  • Ground edges

Czarny panel kuchenny

Need a hole for an electrical outlet or other notch?

We also make additional cutouts and holes, print graphics on glass and much more! Check what additional services we can do for you. Add the selected service to the cart along with a custom-made panel, and we will perform the service according to your guidelines!

The most fashionable RAL colours

If you are looking for a panel in deep black, the best choice will be RAL 9005, it is the purest black of the available colors.

RAL 9003 is pure white, while RAL 9010 is the so-called "dirty white".

Fans of gray may be interested in the colors RAL7024 (graphite) and 7016 (anthracite).

Shades of cream color are very fashionable. The beige-cream color in our palette is marked with the symbol RAL1015.

Szkło w kolorach RAL

Sample RAL pallet

Below we present the most fashionable colors from the RAL palette. However, you can order any color that appears in this color palette, even if you do not see it in our stencil. All you have to do is enter your color in the Selected color from the RAL palette box and confirm it with the Save Customization button. If you want to order a panel in a different dimension than one available on the list, go to the form by clicking the Order custom size button and send us the form. We carry out orders for every dimension.

RAL colors palette

Remark! The colors shown on the screen may differ from the real ones! Please do not suggest web samples, as the browser itself may change the color of the displayed image. Color perception is also influenced by the calibration of the screen itself. The only way we recommend choosing a color is to choose it at the point with paints where the stencils are located.

We recommend ordering the target number of panels in one order. Glass panels produced at different intervals may differ from each other. The final color is influenced by the glass itself. Two different panels of glass extracted from the same glassworks at different times may differ from each other in color.


  • Kitchen panel
  • Writing board
  • Furniture finishing
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Custom-painted panel

Custom-painted panel

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