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Custom-made satin glass - milk/frosted tempered glass

The surface of satin glass is matte and slightly porous. Its appearance may resemble sandblasted glass, but satin has a more delicate and even surface. Satin, unlike the cheaper version, does not change its properties over time.

Glass Specifications

  • Glass thickness 4 - 10 mm
  • Satin/frosted/milk glass
  • ESG tempered glass*
  • Glass pane without holes
  • Ground edges

*Glass with a diagonal of less than 32 cm is not tempered. Glass with a diagonal of 32 cm and larger are tempered.

Features of satin glass

  • Clear glass with matte effect
  • The thicker the glass and its distance from the object behind it, the less transparency
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean
  • Ground edges
  • A large amount of light is passed through the glass, but the shapes behind the glass are less visible, which gives us a sense of privacy

Szklana ściana satynowa

Do you need a hole for an electrical outlet or a notch on the edge?

We also make additional cutouts and holes, print graphics on glass and much more! Check what additional modifications we can make for you. Add the selected service to the cart along with a custom-made panel, and we will perform the service according to your guidelines!

Application of ESG satin glass:

  • Glass doors
  • Showers
  • Partitions
  • Countertops, tables and desks
  • Glass shelves
  • All-glass buildings
  • Stairs
  • Floor plates
  • Balustrades of various types

Frosted glass as a shelf?

Check out our range of handles and supports for glass shelves. Order with glass to receive your order complete!

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